Grandma’s words of wisdom!


My grandma is a sweet lady in her early seventies and had a blast when I interviewed her for my book. She gave me some great advice that I would like to pass along. My grandma’s words of wisdom are as follows, “Have compassion for others that you come in contact with, because you never know what they are going through.” After my grandma spoke her wise words, I asked her what she meant by that. She elaborated with a story about her life. In her forties my grandma suffered with depression. During some of the days of her depression, she didn’t feel like herself. She still has memories of getting short and irritable with people and she worries that those people took her actions personal. However, her actions had nothing to do with them. Since people didn’t know my grandma was dealing with depression some got irritable right back. But, if they would have known what my grandma was going through, they may have shown her some compassion. We will never truly know what is going on with people we come in contact with unless we are in their shoes.

In conclusion, next time you are in public interacting with someone and they make mistakes or snap at you, have a little compassion on them before you react, because you never know what is going on in their life. I am not saying that it is appropriate for people to get mean or rude, but sometimes I think people are so focused on what is going on in their life that they do not always mean to be rude. Maybe a waitress is being slow with your order because she just got a call that a family member is sick. Maybe a sales person messed up on your receipt because she or he was thinking about how their spouse just lost their job.

Long story short: show some compassion towards people before you get upset or take it personal.

Wisdom of the day!


As I continue on the endeavor of writing my book, I have come across some great words of wisdom that I would like to share 🙂 In my book, I elaborate a great deal more on the words of wisdom that I have come across. However, I do not think that I have to wait until my book is finished to start sharing some great advice and helping others. Ok, here we go!

When I first came up with the idea for my book my mom was my biggest supporter. She did not question my idea by saying, “Joy you studied music and fashion in college, not writing. Why in the world do you think you can write a book?” She was so encouraging and told me that I could achieve anything I put my mind to with hard work and determination. So naturally with all her enthusiasm about my new project, she was the first woman I interviewed for advice. The wisdom of today’s post comes from my mom.

Wisdom of the day: ” Give without expecting anything in return.”  My mom gave me this advice when I asked her the question about how to keep a marriage happy and strong. Then my mom went on to say, “Kindness a lot of the time begets kindness. When you expect something in return you can easily become disappointed, but when you show the other person that you give without wanting to receive, they become more receptive and want to give back.”  The more I read my mom’s advice the more I believe that this wisdom can be applied to all relationships not just marriage. You can apply this wisdom to any relationship that you have. As a single girl I cannot apply this wisdom yet to a marriage, however I did apply it to my relationships with family and friends. Since I was little people have told me that I sometimes show characteristics of perfectionism. While it is not a terrible thing to be a perfectionist, I have to admit that it has sometimes caused confusion in my relationships with others. When I give my time, energy, and material goods to a friend I expect to be given the same treatment. When that doesn’t happen I become confused and saddened thinking that the other person does not care for me as much as I do them. But my mom’s advice really opened my eyes. I should not give so much in relationships only to expect the same back. I should give in relationships because I care for the other person…PERIOD.

I hope you enjoyed reading the wisdom of the day! There will be more to come!



As promised, here are the questions that I have used while interviewing women for my book. If you are interested in answering these questions for me please feel free to add any extra information you would like:-) Send the answers to my e-mail and I will reply back to you. Hope to hear from you!!!

1. If you could give advice to a younger woman, what advice would you give?

2. Do you have any regrets in life? If yes, have you learned from them?

3. What are your secrets to happiness?

4. Do you have any advice for getting through difficult times?

5. If you had the chance to go back in time and change your life, would you?

6. If you are married, what are the keys to keeping a marriage happy and strong?

7. What advice do you wish you would have known about when you were younger?

8. When you were young did you take advice from your elders or did you let their advice pass you by?

9.Why do you think younger generations are sometimes reluctant to take advice?

10. Did you have an older loved one or friend give you advice growing up? If yes, what advice did they give?

I am writing a book and would love to hear from you!


Hi Everybody!

I am so excited to tell you about the book I am writing. In September of last year I was in a reflective mood thinking back on my life thus far. Thoughts of my mistakes, heartaches, memories, and achievements filled my mind. The more I thought, the more I realized how much I have learned so far in my life. Then suddenly a light bulb went off in my mind and I realized, if i have so much advice to give just being in my twenties, think about all the advice woman of all generations have. I have to admit that I am one who has always believed that you can learn from other people’s experiences. When I go to the bookstore the self-help section is one of my first destinations. With that said, I became enthralled with the idea of writing a book about the wisdom that every generation of women has learned in their life. I also have written the wisdom that I have learned in my life so far. The book is about the advice that woman from their 20’s through woman in their 90’s would like to give. As I started on the process of writing I was amazed at all of the wonderful advice I was being given by women of all ages. The more I interview women for my book the more I have learned that their is so much wonderful advice that I want to learn.

I started this blog as a way to expand my horizons and get more wonderful advice for my book. The ladies that I have interviewed thus far have answered specific questions that I have. I will post the questions to my blog. If you are interested in answering the questions please feel free to email me your answers to the questions. You are more than welcome to add more advice and stories that have taught you lessons about life. Also, I will be posting my introduction of my book as well so you can understand a little more about my book. I will not post any advice given to my blog without the person’s consent. Thank you all for your help!! Have a great day!!